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Large RFC required to read? Lots of RFCs required to read? RFC...

Large RFC required to read? Lots of RFCs required to read? RFC Browser is the tool you need. RFC Browser is a viewer tailored to RFC browsing. It is the most powerful utility to view RFCs that renders RFCs into HyperRFCs: intra-RFC and inter-RFC hyperlinking, Colorful, Visual, Scalable.

Hyper: RFC Browser provides an alternative way to view RFCs in plain text format - rendering them into HyperRFCs! In RFC Browser, the RFC Index File and the RFCs look like html files, they own both intra-RFC and inter-RFC hyperlinks: RFC titles and RFC numbers in Index File, entries in Table of Contents and references and so on.

So RFCs are converted to the format of Hypertext. Colorful: Users can assign different fonts to RFC Title, Subtitles, Table of Contents, Headers/Footers and Default Text.

Visual: Furthermore, RFC Browser provides tree views to facilitate browsing: tree view of RFC Indexing, tree view of RFC structure and tree view of pages.

Scalable: If users choose to hide Footers, Headers and blank lines after Footers and before Headers, the length of RFC will become shorter obviously!

Small size of fonts also result in less printing paper. Most Powerful: If RFCs are your everyday readings, RFC Browser is the optimal explorer to assist you, as you need IE, Netscape, etc to browse web files.

Features:1. Powerful parser that analyzes RFC Index File and most RFCs. 2. Rich and friendly user interface: 3 views (Index View for RFC Index File, Structure View and Page View for RFCs), hyperlink, color rendering, scalable RFC length, print and print preview.

3. Index View illustrates information of all RFCs. 4. Structure View provides a navigating tree of RFC including references. 5. Page View can help you browse the RFC page by page or turn to the page you want anytime.

6. Hypertext-like browsing. 7. Scalable: hide Footers/Headers/blank lines. 8. Builtin download tools. 9. Favorite RFCs function. 10. Bookmarks function.

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RFC Browser Standard Edition


RFC Browser Standard Edition 3